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Cineon Training - partner profile

Cineon Training


Cineon Training was formed in 2016 when two consultants from the nuclear industry approached Dr Sam Vine at the University of Exeter with a need for more effective human performance training within high-risk sectors. They recognised that much of the training in the field was outdated and not based upon contemporary research.

The initiative received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council which enabled Cineon Training to begin developing contemporary immersive training scenarios. These use virtual reality and other techniques to enhance the training of principles that are critical for performance success.

Cineon Training utilises an ‘Evidence Based’ approach to the production of training content, which is a departure from the traditional training techniques deployed by high-risk industries. This approach, which has already been adopted by the aviation industry, is considered more effective due to the fact that it makes use of up-to-date research. The coupling of this, with the immersive scenarios, make this a unique training experience.

Since its formation, Cineon Training has worked with a range of industries including nuclear decommissioning, the military and Formula One, and is currently engaged upon projects to improve safety at European oil refineries and creating operator training with Innovate UK at Sellafield.