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We believe in being an active Centre and arrange workshops and educational programmes. 

10-06-2019: Training workshop on Public speaking and presentation skills. The workshop conducted by specialist Jane King, Voices Studies

The aim of the training was to develop skills in engaging an audience, to build confidence and to speak clearly and with commitment

It covered structuring a presentation, using "signposting" language, effective use of visual aids and tips for overcoming nerves

16-17-2018: "The Search for A Solution: the Bi-National Model”

Palestinians and Israelis were invited to participate with academics and our PhD students.

24-11-2017: The Future of the Palestinian-Israeli Joint Activities

Palestinian-Israeli grassroots activities have been overshowed by the People-to-People Program (P2P) established as part of Oslo agreement II. By imposing an apolitical agenda, this program distorted the Palestinian-Israeli relations and cooperation that addressed the political reality, as in the case of the first Intifada, and the systematic injustices. The aim of this workshop is to discuss how P2P links Palestinian-Israeli relations to normalisation, and limits such initiatives to the interests and participation of an elite”

The workshop discussed the other range of activities that involves Israeli solidarity groups who work closely with Palestinians in their resistance/targeting the occupation. key participants Coventry University are Dr. Marwan Darwish and Dr. Chuck Thiessen.


The objective of the workshop is to share our research findings on Palestine/Israel. Participants will present their research in order to exchange knowledge and build a common intellectual and political foundation for future collaborative work.  

04-05-2016: Palestinian Oral History

[Organized over 4-5 April 2016 at the Jafet Library and other locations at AUB]

Workshop as part of the April conference (AUB/University of Exeter. Our PhD students visited the Archives and Special Collections at the AUB.

The aim of the workshop was to examine the role of technology on oral history and the issue of the Palestinian refugees and the right of return and alternative thinking about the future. This also includes examining the significant role of oral history in empowering the indigenous people of Palestine.  

10-01-2015: Workshop: EU policy towards Palestine: Reassessment of the Two State Solution.

In cooperation with Birzeit University, to be developed into Research Proposal for ERC Funding.

The aim of the workshop is to assess and evaluate the role of the EU in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Specifically, the workshop discussed the future political role of the EU in pushing forward new ideas of how to advance the chance of peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and analyse the impact of the role of the EU in contributing to (or preventing) a viable solution to the Palestine issue.