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Centre for Smart Grid

Centre for Smart Grid

What we do

Our research focuses on to the conventional power network and the opportunities and challenges with related to the conversion towards a Smart Grid with future low carbon energy scenarios.

Modelling and simulation of equipment

We use thermal, magnetic and power flow simulation to improve equipment modelling and support design improvements and system modification.

Interaction between equipment and power network

We investigate the interaction between equipment and power network in future low carbon energy scenarios and the effect of renewable sources and variable energy demand on power network.

Advanced condition monitoring techniques

We investigate the possibilities of deploying low cost sensors to for more data from the network and use machine learning for a faster and reliable decision making on assets in power network.

Novel insulation materials

We research into safer and environmentally friendly new insulation materials for a resilient and low maintenance power network.

Smart energy

We investigate the applications of advanced Ai and digital twin technologies in smart energy networks.