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Academic staff
Professor Mark P. Baldwin Professor of Climate Science
Professor Bob Beare Associate Professor Mathematics
Dr John Bruun Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Jennifer Catto Associate Professor
Dr Robin Chadwick Senior Lecturer (E&R) (GSI)
Professor Peter Challenor Professor
Professor Mat Collins Professor of Climate Change
Professor Peter Cox Professor, Director of Global Systems Institute
Dr Georgios Efstathiou Senior Research Fellow/Proleptic Lecturer
Dr Christopher Ferro Senior Lecturer in Statistics
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein FRS Chair, Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems
Professor Jim Haywood Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Tim Jupp Senior Lecturer
Professor Mark Kelson Professor of Statistics for Health
Dr Frank Kwasniok Senior Lecturer
Professor F Hugo Lambert Associate Professor
Dr Doug McNeall Lecturer in Global Systems
Dr Fiona O'Connor Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Composition
Dr Mike O'Sullivan Lecturer
Dr Daniel Partridge Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Science (E&R)
Dr James Salter Lecturer
Professor Adam Scaife Professor
Professor James Screen Professor in Climate Science
Dr Stefan Siegert Senior Lecturer, Senior Research Fellow, Director for Business Engagement and Innovation
Professor David B. Stephenson Chair in Statistical Climatology
Professor Peter Stott Professor
Dr Stephen Thomson Lecturer
Professor John Thuburn Professor
Professor Daniel Williamson Associate Professor
Dr Ben Youngman Senior Lecturer
Post-doctoral research fellows
Dr Paul Bowen Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Chadburn Research Fellow
Dr Hsi-Kai Chou Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Eliza Duncan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Michael Dunne Graduate Research Fellow
Dr Mark England Senior Research Fellow, Royal Commission for Exhibition of 1851
Dr Stephanie Hay Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Simon Jones Research Fellow
Dr Louise Kimpton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Neil Lewis Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Emma Littleton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jacob Maddison Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Penelope Maher Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Priestley Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ananth Ranjithkumar Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Nina Raoult Marie-Curie Fellow
Dr Paul Ritchie Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Kasturi Singh Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Monisha Natchiar Subbiah Renganathan Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Hongsheng Wang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Xiaoyu Xiong Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Visitors, emeritus and honorary fellows
Dr Evan Baker Associate Visitor
Dr Mengyan Chen Visitor
Chenwei Fang Visitor
Professor Wojtek Krzanowski Emeritus Professor
Dr Mian Xu Visitor
Yiling Zheng Visitor
Research administrators
Linda McIlwraith Climate Systems Research Administrator Mon-Wed AM
Saleh Alharthi Postgraduate
Viv Atureta Postgraduate
Paul Bell Postgraduate
Cassandra Bird Postgraduate
Mandhara Brasika Postgraduate
Florence Alice Brown Postgraduate
Hollie Calley Postgraduate
Ross Castle Postgraduate
Yueyue Chai Postgraduate
Anthony Chan Postgraduate
Joe Clarke Postgraduate
Yingfei Fang Postgraduate
Michael Gillan Postgraduate
Harriet Gilmour Postgraduate
Nell Hartney Postgraduate
Abrar Hayat Postgraduate
Bryony Hobden Postgraduate
Jiamei Huang Postgraduate
Thomas Hutton Postgraduate
Tommy Irons Postgraduate
Toby Jones Postgraduate
Piyu Ke Postgraduate
Chris Kent Postgraduate
Alex Loader Postgraduate
Alex Mason Postgraduate
Danny McCulloch Postgraduate
Brett McKim Postgraduate
Rebecca Millington Postgraduate
Regan Mudhar Postgraduate
Harris Sop Nkuiate Postgraduate
Isobel Parry Postgraduate
Weiteng Qiu Postgraduate
Lakshmi Kalavappilly Sajan Postgraduate
Ayu Shabrina Postgraduate
Noah Smith Postgraduate
Morgan Sparey Postgraduate
Emanuele Tovazzi Postgraduate
Yi Wang Postgraduate
Fu Wang Postgraduate
Alice Wells Postgraduate
Jakob Wessel Postgraduate
Thomas Wilkinson Postgraduate
Ned Williams Postgraduate
Daniel Witt Postgraduate
Hao Yu Postgraduate
Sam Blackburn Project Coordinator: MAGIC
Dr Carolina Duran Rojas Software Engineer
Megan Haslum Graduate Research Associate