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ExeCTU Methodology Advisory Group

The terms of reference are the ExeCTU Methodology Advisory Group are to:

  • to provide a ‘conduit’ between the ExeCTU and UEMS methods groupings (Health Statistics, Health Economics, & Qualitative research group)
  • to provide methodological advice on specific trial grant applications seeking ExeCTU methodological (statistics, health economics, mixed methods process evaluation, qualitative) support
  • to provide input into the preparation of the 2019 application for UKCRC CTU full registration status
  • to identify opportunities for potential methodological research in the area of clinical trials
  • to contribute to the drafting (and updating) of the ExeCTU standard operating procedures that relate to methodology.



Qualitative Research Group Dr Christabel Owens
Health Economics  Dr Antonieta Medina-Lara
Health Statistics Dr Fiona Warren
Health Statistics Gordon Taylor
Patient and Public Involvement in Research Kate Boddy
Process Evaluation Dr Sarah Morgan-Trimmer