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South West England research

The geology of South West England is still at the forefront of ground-breaking global research, thanks to the extensive geological exposure and the close association of critical metals with the Cornubian Batholith.

Historically, Camborne School of Mines has worked closely on many major regional projects, and continues to play an integral role in further understanding the processes that led to the geological evolution of the region and formation of the world-class polymetallic orefield.

Active projects are centered on current global research trends:

  • Critical metals and their association with granite magmatism and mineralisation
  • Advanced geoscience modelling of SW England using the Tellus South West data
  • Developing a strategy for improved targeting of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) energy resources in SW England
  • Tectono-magmatic controls on granite pluton construction on the formation of the SW England metallogenic province
  • Variscan/post-Variscan tectonic evolution
  • Upper Palaeozoic stratigraphy and sedimentology
  • Deep Digital Cornwall

Group members

PhD students