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Anna Craft Memorial Lectures

Anna Craft Memorial Lecture 2023

In this 2023 lecture, Associate Professor Kerry Chappell discusses her work with Anna, and how she has continued to develop thinking in the field since Anna left us in 2014. Kerry considers the Wise Humanising Creativity theory which she co-developed with Anna, and which they researched empirically together on a number of international initiatives. She then shares her own journey since 2014, detailing her shift towards the conceptualisation of (posthumanising) creativity. She offers insights into how this is now being used in international research initiatives to respond to wicked Anthropocentric problems. She concludes by offering excerpts from the new book that she is lead- editing, which is due out in 2024: Creative Ruptions for Emergent Educational Futures. The book will offer insight into how ethical, care-ful educational futures might responsively emerge through the generative potential of creativity and its associated ruptions.

Anna Craft Memorial Lecture 2022

The recording of the 6th Anna Craft Memorial Lecture is finally here, given on 1 July 2022 by Veronica Jobbins MBE, titled ‘Dance in a Shifting Landscape’.  In this lecture she reflects on the impact and implications for dance education of the practice-based research study, Dance Partners for Creativity (Kerry Chappell, Linda Rolfe, Anna Craft and Veronica Jobbins (2008 - 2010) and the resulting publication Close Encounters (2011).   

Thereafter she explores how dance education can thrive rather than survive in the future, given the current concerns in schools such as the nature of post-COVID recovery, the imperative to address the challenges provoked by the Black Lives Matter movement and continuing de-valuing of creativity and arts education within the education system. 

4th Anna Craft Memorial Lecture
Possibility thinking about the future of creativity

24th June 2019, Professor James C Kauffman gave the 4th Anna Craft Memorial Lecture as the culmination of the BERA Creativities SIG/CEEN conference on Disentangling Creativity Research.  He is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut and an author of numerous books and articles.  In his lecture, he proposes alternative benefits of creativity research through the lens of social justice, tolerance and the meaning of life.  You can listen to his lecture here.