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About the Group

About the group

Research students

I am Abdulaziz Alageel, an Engineering PhD candidate in the University of Exeter, focusing on optimising sustainable supply chain network designs.

I hold a Master of Science degree in International Supply Chain Management from the College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter. Prior to that, I graduated from Jouf University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

I worked for many years in an electrical engineering and retail supply chain. Currently, I’m delivering the ENGM027 Engineering Management Science lab sessions in the Exeter Digital Enterprise Systems lab.

I am presently an M.Phil. student with CEMPS, working on Knowledge Management and Capability Development in SMEs.

I was previously a New Product Development Associate (KTP) working with SMART Manufacturing Ltd. My KTP sought to develop a dual-production business model and a simulation tool to enable SMART to deliver bespoke industrial equipment while simultaneously allowing it to deliver standardised batches of new specialist products. I was also engaged in developing a Knowledge Mangement tool that seeks to capture and extend knowledge regarding certain specialist product lines.

Prior to joining the University, I completed my Masters in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Bath.

Dr Mingtao Fu joined the University of Exeter in 2018 as PGR. Prior to this, he obtained his PhD degree in management at the Neoma Business School (France) in June 2017. His primary academic interests are sustainable business ecosystem and sustainable business model. His current research is focused on simulation of business ecosystem performance, enhancement of sustainable business models and business ecosystems in manufacturing industries, the quantitative and qualitative studies on business ecosystem. For example, how business model innovation can adapt to business ecosystem changing, how various digitalized components, like big data application, digital manufacturing, artificial intelligence, etc., can contribute to the adaptation process. Combination of circular economy related innovative business model and dynamic capabilities is used to explore the adaptable methodologies to confront the constantly changing of business ecosystem, thereby enhancing sustainability of businesses and business ecosystems.

Mingtao has also been working as consultant and project manager in many fields, such as information and management consulting, manufacturing, public administration and policy, supply chain finance, international and internal trade, e-commerce, culture and art etc., thereby accumulating a wealth of practical experience, especially for the Chinese market.

I’m Lama Soliman Khaled, a second year PhD student in Engineering department at Exeter. I have joined University of Exeter in 2019, as an MSc student in International Supply Chain Management. Prior to Exeter, I have obtained my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

My PhD research aims to Integrate Simulation-Optimisation approach to solve Bi-objective Blood Supply Chain Network Design with uncertainty and disruption. My research outcome will aim to develop a novel mathematical model that will identify an ideal supply chain location, taking into consideration other vital elements such as cost, and environmental aspects. A simulation approach using AnyLogic software, and a metaheuristic approach will be hybridized to create a novel solution method.

I am a postgraduate researcher at University of Exeter. I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation from Southwest Jiaotong University, and a master's degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Exeter. My current research is focused on developing digital twinning solutions for the maintenance of machine-tools.

I am postgraduate researcher at the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. I graduated from the University College London (UK) in 2021 with an MSc in Digital Innovation in Built Asset Management. During my master's degree, I investigated whether big data and artificial intelligence can help improve service quality. I am currently focused on Industry4.0 technologies applied to project management.

I graduated Sichuan University (China) in 2016 with a MEng degree. During my previous studies I investigated two main research areas: plasma enhanced magnetron sputtering coating and electroless plating technology. In my current research programme (funded by China Scholarship Council), I am studying modelling and implementation of digital twin based on physics simulation for intelligent manufacturing factory.

I am currently a PhD student at the Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences College at the University of Exeter. My research focuses on modelling sustainable closed-loop supply chain network designs using mathematical formulations. The models take into consideration elements of uncertainties, risks, and disruptions that may affect the performance of the entire closed-loop supply chain. Meta-heuristics based method is applied to solve the aforementioned closed-loop models.

I hold a Master of Science degree with distinction in International Supply Chain Management from the University of Exeter and a Master of Science degree in Engineering and Management from Coventry University.