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PERSPEX: Public Engagement in Research for health and Social Policy at Exeter

Approach to Patient and Public Involvement

Members of PERSPEX have an interest in the production and use of evidence syntheses for decision making. The group works with both the Exeter PRP Evidence Review Facility and ISCA Evidence for the NIHR Evidence Synthesis Programme.

Patients and members of the public have input in all reviews; the approach for each review depends on the nature of the topic, the research question to be addressed and the relevant patient population.

What the role involves:

  • Attending advisory group meetings to discuss research
  • Work with the review team to plan the approach to PPIE for each review.
  • Review and revision of written outputs in terms of plain English and content

Lightbulb moment idea

Experiences and skills needed:

  • An interest in health research and evidence synthesis.
  • An understanding of how lived experiences can contribute to health research.
  • People from black and minority ethnic groups are under-represented in research, we particularly welcome applications from these groups.
  • Having a medical condition or being a carer for someone with a medical condition is not a requirement, but would be beneficial.
  • Commitment and enthusiasm for team work and mutual learning.
  • Confident to participate in meetings.
  • Able to attend meetings online (using zoom for example).
  • Live in the UK.

Time commitment:

  • Attending monthly meetings online
  • The role is available on an ongoing basis but members can step-down at any time.
  • Reply to e-mails approximately once a week.

We offer reimbursement to acknowledge the time spent on being an Advisory Group member.

To find out more please contact Lauren Asare: