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All Physics facilities

Nanostructures measurement

We have a wide range of low-temperature systems for electrical, magnetic and optical measurements of nanostructures. These systems are supplied with liquid helium by Low Temperature Services.

Low Temperature Services

Consisting of a network of recovery pipes, collection bag, compressors, high pressure storage cylinders and a helium purifier liquefier to re-liquefy the boil off helium.

Contact:  Adam Woodgate, Special Services Technician

Liquid gas storage

On site bulk storage for 3000L liquid nitrogen and 2000L liquid helium in liquid form.

Linde TCF20 Helium Purifier Liquefier

Capable of producing up to 50,000 litres of liquid helium per year.

Measurement systems

Some of our measurement systems are listed below.

Contact: for further information please contact Professor Saverio Russo.

Oxford Instruments Kelvinox 400

Dilution refrigerator (0.03-0.8 K) with 17.5 Tesla magnet and sample rotator housed in a Lindgren-Rayproof screen room.

Oxford Instruments Heliox-TL

Top-loading Helium-3 sorption pumped cryostat (0.25-100 K) with 15.5 Tesla magnet and several sample probes including rotator.

Oxford Instruments Heliox-VL

Transport Dewar-based Helium-3 system (0.25-100 K) with 2 Tesla magnet.

Oxford Instruments Heliox AC-V

Pulse-tube cooled Helium-3 system (0.25-300 K) with 1 Tesla room temperature split-coil magnet on rotatable base.

Oxford Instruments Spectromag-PT

Pulse-tube cooled Helium-4 system (1.5-300 K) with 7 Tesla Helmholtz coil magnet, full optical access and rotatable probe.