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Funded projects

Funded projects within SMARTLab include work with Help for Heroes to develop interventions for angry rumination; the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and South West Academic Health Services Network funded IMPROVE-2 study to decompose the active ingredients of internet CBT; and the EC FP7 funded MooDFOOD project to investigate nutritional interventions to prevent depression in at risk overweight individuals, which includes behavioural coaching to change habit and reduce rumination. In total, SMART Lab currently holds £1.7 million of external grant funding, and has international collaborations across Europe, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

SMART Lab is led by Professor Ed Watkins and hosted within the Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research and at the Penryn Campus, Cornwall. SMART Lab closely collaborates with CEDAR on service delivery, internationalisation, impact, and implementation.