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The Neuroimaging Centre houses a Siemens Biograph Vision 600 PET-CT scanner and a Magnetom Prisma 3T MRI scanner. The scanners have the ability to generate detailed images of the body’s internal organs, unlocking potential for research in areas including, but not limited to, dementia, diabetes and cancer.

The MRI and PET/CT scanners provides additional capacity for NHS patients to be clinically scanned.

The Centre has wheelchair accessible entrances and toilets.

Find out more about the PET-CT scanner.

Find out more about the MRI scanner.

Radiopharmaceuticals and scanning protocols

We offer a range of radiopharmaceuticals, depending on the target of interest, including fluorinated-18 radiotracers for tau and amyloid protein. These are supplied externally. 

We often common MRI sequences, including structural, functional and diffusion MRI sequences, as well as more novel sequences. We are happy to support additional sequences depending on need.

Please contact us at to discuss further.