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Community researchers

Tara Scheer

I am a third-year student studying psychology and sociology at University College Maastricht. Participating in the TWICEASGOOD project as a community researcher has been a valuable experience for me. During the project, I had the opportunity to spend time in the field with researchers. Here, I shadowed and talked to female-presenting candidates for the provincial elections in Limburg during campaign time. I am thankful for having learned more about this highly relevant topic and having been able to contribute a bit to expanding the current knowledge base on it.

Efsa Demirhan

I am a junior student studying International Relations and Economics at Koç University. I write at a news site called Casus Diplomacy. I am interested in international relations, the effects of international and political balances on hegemonic norms and types of power.  Studying on the TWICEASGOOD project was a crucial experience for me to investigate more closely the impact of politics on gender norms and roles. I am grateful to be in TWICEASGOOD project.

İlkim Kayaş

I am a junior student studying International Relations at Koç University. I am interested in the areas of political participation, gender and politics, power relations and immigration. I participated in the TWICEASGOOD project by doing social media research and shadowing women candidates from Istanbul on the field during the 2023 Turkish General Elections. I am grateful to have had the opportunity of observing people in politics and to have made these observations together with successful researchers.