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Advanced Research Computing Service Owners Board (ARC SOB)

The ARC SOB has oversight of the Research Computing service at the University of Exeter. The service is governed by the Board, which draws its membership from a good cross section of disciplines and has representation from all colleges.

David Acreman (Chair, CEMPS)

Martyn Brake (Exeter IT)

Travis Coan (SSIS) 

Bertram Daum (CEMPS)

Jesse Fagan (Business School) 

David Hein-Griggs (CLES) 

Leif Isaksen (HUMS) 

Lorien Jasny (SSIS)

Nav Mustafee (Business School) 

Andrew Nicholas(CLES)

MD Sharma (CLES) 

Gary Stringer (HUMS)

David Studholme (CLES)

Gavin Tabor (CEMPS) 

Ben Temperton (CLES)

John Thuburn (CEMPS) 

Karl Walker (Exeter IT)

Mike Weedon(Medical School) 

Andy Wood (Medical School)

Research Service Owners Board (RSOB)

The ARC SOB reports to the RSOB, which in turn reports to the Digital and IT Strategy Board (DITSB). 

Astrid Wissenberg (Chair)

David Studholme

Martyn Brake

Gary Stringer

Cathy Durston

James Clark

David Acreman

Christine Faunch

Karl Walker

Isca Management Group

For matters regarding the HPC delivery there is an Isca Management Group that looks at the technical running of Isca, which will refer to comments from the Isca Users Group.

The Isca User Group is an open forum for all users of the HPC facility, it aims to meet quarterly.

Matthew Bate (chair)

Dave Acreman

Rosie Rowlands

Paul O’Neill

Andrew Wood

Martyn Brake