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Terms of service

Application support

Currently we are able to offer full support for genomic denovo/resequencing, ChIP-Seq and RNA-seq. This includes library preparation and downstream analysis.

Other applications (e.g. Meth-Seq) require the user to generate these libraries. Preparations for these types of runs are highly dependent on the experiment and as such they are best left to investigators.

RNA-seq spike-in

Note that we usually spike-in 1% synthetic controls listed on the sample preparation page. If any doubt, please contact us.

Run timings

Please note that this is highly dependent on the type of application, your desired read length and how many other samples we have from other users.

Some sequencers have relatively short run times of a few hours or days (e.g. Illumina MiSeq and PacBio). Other sequencers require a relatively large number of samples to run economically (e.g. Illumina Novaseq).

We cannot book a particular run date in advance. Samples are queued according to date of receipt. Samples are regarded as being in the queue when they are delivered – we cannot ‘book space’ for samples in advance.

On receipt of your sample, we will email the designated contact person to acknowledge receipt and to give a first estimate of when the sample will be processed (i.e. its place in the queue).

Sample delivery

Please ensure that you follow the preparation guidelines. We will not accept samples which do not meet these criteria or which do not arrive with the requested information.

Sample failure

Should any sample fail our quality criteria due to reagent or other sequencing failure we will inform you and run the sample again on the next sequencing run.

Sample storage

All samples will be kept for a period of 3 months after completion of a successful run. Any samples which need to be returned should be collected within this time. External users are responsible for organizing shipment of return samples.

Any samples not collected within this time-frame will be destroyed.