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About Research Services

Research Services is the hub of all research activities at the University of Exeter. 

We provide effective support for the delivery, monitoring and oversight of the Research and Impact Strategy across its four pillars:

  • Building a World Class research environment
  • Growing a global research reputation for Exeter
  • Driving Impact and Partnership
  • Delivering a sustainable business model for Research

To find out more about Research at Exeter and research support please visit:


Service provided

  • Supporting the full life cycle of research projects, from horizon scanning for opportunities, research development of applications through to research project management & delivery (including financial management) and post-project development and reporting
  • Joint strategic, policy and planning support to the University and Colleges to build and sustain an excellent research environment for our academics
  • Deliver an efficient and effective service, with continuous improvement, high levels of staff satisfaction and transparent opportunities for development and the transference of skills across the service

Service users

  • Individual academics, research groups
  • Colleges, Institutes and University management
  • RS staff, university management and service users

What we strive for

For our research project life cycle support, see statement of expectation

  • deliver service to academics of highest quality/ standards
  • maintain partnership working at the core of our approach
  • be responsive to academic needs
  • provide informed guidance and support
  • have an embedded  culture of continuous improvement
  • work efficiently and effectively
  • take into account external and internal constraints

Establish, with Colleges, University and College targets for application, awards, income and cost recovery, and PGR student numbers, aiming for a sustainable portfolio.

To lead and support strategic interventions, including delivery of the Research and Impact Strategy, with support for relevant governance.

To work with Colleges to ensure the University’s research is assessed as of the highest standard possible, through research monitoring and preparations for national research excellence framework exercises.

Embed and monitor effectiveness of new Research Services Directorate and ways of working.

Key contacts

Leadership team

NamePositionHow to contact
Drs. Astrid Wissenburg Director of Research Services
01392 722727
Fiona Pac-Soo Assistant Director (Research Environment and Doctoral College)  2729
Dr Charlotte Murphy Assistant Director (Research Development & Management)  07884 547077
Steve Popham Assistant Director (Research Finance) 3754
Dr Sumi David Assistant Director Research and Impact (Strategy, Policy and Performance)
Dr Katie Finch Assistant Director/Head of Research Software Engineers
Vacant Assistant Director/Head of Technical Services