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REF2021 Impact privacy notice and audit briefing

A‌‌‌‌s part of our REF2021 (Research Excellence Framework) submission, the University is submitting Impact Case Studies that capture how our research has created and facilitated positive change to societies and economies. These case studies are told with the help of our corroborators, who provide evidence to testify the impacts we describe. 

If you are one of our 'impact' corroborators and you have been asked to provide evidence for our REF2021 Impact Case Studies, Research England may contact you throughout 2021 as part of their REF audit. The University will store your contact details for this purpose, and you can read our REF2021 Impact Case Studies Privacy Notice for how we will use your data. More information on the REF Impact Case Study audit can be found in our REF2021 Impact Case Study Audit briefing