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Dr Thomas Hawes

Research Software Engineer

 Laver Building 701


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


Thomas is a Research Software Engineer in the RSE Group.


MMath Mathematics, University of Warwick

DPhil Mathematics, University of Oxford


During his DPhil, Thomas conducted research within the field of algebraic geometry, developing theory for constructing quotients of algeraic varieties by actions of certain kinds of linear algebraic groups ('non-reductive' groups).

He later went on to develop new programming and data analysis skills during a residential data science course and an internship at a technology company within the agricultural sector. After this he joined a consultancy specialising in applying advanced mathematical modelling for clients in industry. Here he was responsible for the technical delivery of projects, utilising a variety of mathematical techniques (including statistical modelling and mathematical optimisation) and software technologies for clients in energy, rail, spectrum and fast-moving consumer goods.

More recently, Thomas' interest has turned to software engineering. His main experience is in the Python and R programming languages, particularly for data analysis, as well as implementing mathematical optimisation using the Gurobi solver. He also has a keen interest in good software development practices.



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