International staff

Your contract of employment will indicate which pension scheme you will become a member of, and if you wish to know more about the scheme relevant to you please follow the link shown on the Pensions home page.

In the UK we have private pension schemes, such as the ones that the University offers. These are set up and arranged by the employer and often have a contribution from the employer as well as you.

We also have a state pension arranged by the UK Government. The contribution towards this comes from some of the National Insurance contributions that will be deducted from your pay. However, as an international member of staff who is here on a Certificate of Sponsorship (work permit), it may be that you will not be able to claim the full UK Government pension when you retire. We strongly advise that you view UK State Pensions for more information.  

As an international member of staff you may have benefits from other countries, and whilst a possible transfer of these into the University scheme can be investigated, please note that some countries do not offer this as an option and so the benefits will have to remain with your old scheme.

Alternatively you may wish to transfer your pension from the University scheme abroad. Whilst our schemes are prepared to offer this option to you, it will depend on the receiving scheme and country that you are resident in at the time. For more information, please see the relevant fact sheet in the booklet applicable to the scheme you have been offered.

If you decide to retire abroad, please note both the schemes run by the University are prepared to pay pensions abroad. However it is strongly advised that you review the tax situation that may apply to both the payment in the UK and also receipt of the payment abroad.

Further information