If you wish to retire (ie stop working and draw their USS, ERSS or NHS pension) you must give notice in writing (as required in the Conditions of Employment). If you have not already done so, you should discuss your retirement options with the University Pension and Reward Advisor  Alison Rose ( at the earliest opportunity to arrange payment of your pension benefits.

Members of staff and their managers may wish to discuss future plans, which may include retirement, in Performance and Development Review (PDR) meetings.

Flexible retirement

Find out about flexible retirement.

ERSS members

The benefits you have in the ERSS (Exeter Retirement Saving Scheme) are administered by Scottish Widows, as the benefits are in a fund in your name the University cannot assist in accessing these benefits, you should log in to your online ERSS account and follow the instructions on claiming your benefits, or you can use this link for more details Scottish Widows | Retirement | University of Exeter Retirement Savings Scheme.

USS members

You should request a quote of your benefits for your chosen retirement date.  This should be done by contacting USS direct on 0151 227 4711 or using this 'contact us' page.

You will be asked to provide:

  • Bank details for payment of the pension
  • Confirmation of chosen benefit option
  • Confirmation of any other pensions that you may already be in receipt of or taking at the same time as your USS benefits.

USS will contact you direct to confirm payment of the benefits. If you have any queries related to tax on your payments, or any other queries, including changes to your address or bank details, you will need to contact USS directly. Their phone number is 0151 227 4711 or visit the USS website where you will also find factsheets concerning retirement which contain more information.

More details on planning for retirement can be found at A timeline to Retirement.

Further information

Scottish Widows | Retirement | University of Exeter Retirement Savings Scheme

Planning for retirement (

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