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Roo Haywood Smith

Programme Manager

Roo joined the University in early 2012 to support the establishment of the Strategy and Security Institute in the College of Social Science and International Studies (CSSIS). She became involved in a number of entrepreneurial activities in the CSSIS and led on business development. Between 2016 – 2018 she was CSSIS Deputy Director of College Operations taking on more strategic roles within the Executive before a stint as Acting Director of College Operations.

In June 2018 Roo became Manager of the Living Systems Institute and was instrumental in supporting the University to recruit LSI's new Director and reconfigure the labs to accommodate his tissue culture laboratory. Roo was seconded to support the University's COVID response in March 2020 from where she moved to the Strategic Delivery Unit in February 2021.

Before joining the University Roo served in the British Army for 15 years including 5 years in Germany, flying helicopters in Northern Ireland in a counter-terrorism role and as the Management Planner for the then Defence Aviation Safety Centre.

Away from work Roo has a variety of experience in working on and delivering projects including the establishment of a thriving Community Shop; she is also involved in actively supporting her children’s sports clubs!

Tel : 01392 72 6522 (Email/Teams is best)