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NameJob TitleExtEmail
James Hutchinson Director Strategic Delivery Unit


Claire Barnes Project Manager (CRM Technical)


Alex Bremner Project Coordinator


Chris Cousins Programme Manager (CRM) 4263
Susannah Day Project Manager (Medical Mycology Project) 2106

Toby Giles Programme Manager (Engineering 2020 and Programme Development) 5596
Ben Goulding Student Communication and Engagement Officer (EdTech Exeter) 7043
Fiona Haworth Portfolio Business Analyst 3135
Brad Hillson Business Analyst (EdTech Exeter) 6993
John Hodgkinson Business Analyst (EdTech Exeter) 7042
Zoe Holman Business Lead (CRM Enquiries Management) 2302
Kitty Mann Programme Manager (SEAS Transformation and PSI) 2849
Stephanie Monks Project Manager 2145 

Liz Mundy Portfolio Benefits Manager 2811

Gill Preston Programme Manager (Project North Park and Project Business (International)) 5391
Ray Spicer Project Manager (IT FOC, Research Management Capabilities Project) 6328
Tara Studholme- Lyons Project Manager (GDPR Phase 2 and CGR Review) 5080
Josh Vicente CRM Systems Administrator 6968

Rick Walker Programme Manager (EdTech Exeter) 5792
David Wraith Communications Manager (EdTech Exeter)  5132

Frank Zirger Communication and Marketing Officer (CRM) 6966