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International student experience

International student experience

This survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part and joined our discussion sessions.

We will be using the views you shared, around the themes below, to help us develop our International Student Experience Strategy. 

  • Welcome, inclusion and belonging

Do you feel welcomed and a part of our University community? Discussing how we create an environment that makes you feel included, and celebrates the diversity of our students.

  • Student voice – listening to and acting on your views

Do you feel listened to and heard? Discussing how we enable our students to have a say in University decisions that impact you.

  • Our approach to sustainability

Does the University give you the opportunity to help develop responses and solutions to climate change? Discussing how we can ensure students are involved if they want to be.

  • Accessing our services

How easy is it to find and access the support services you need? Discussing your experiences of using our University services, from academic support to food and drink on our campuses, and how we can make it better.

  • Supporting you

Do we provide the right support for you? Discussing how we deliver the high-quality advice and support that you need, such as advice on visas, immigration and settling in the UK, and support with your academic skills, welfare and wellbeing, and career development. 


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