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Student guide to academic personal tutoring

Personal tutoring

Who is my Academic Personal Tutor?

Your tutor will contact you at the beginning of your studies to introduce themselves and make an appointment to meet you. Your tutor is your key academic point of contact at the university.

How does my tutor support me?

Your tutor is a named academic contact who you can talk to about your academic, personal and professional development.

How will my tutor support my academic progress?

They can help you understand feedback on your assignments and offer suggestions for how you can improve.

How is my Academic Personal Tutor different from my module tutor?

Your module tutors will support you with specific questions about their module. Your Academic Personal Tutor has oversight of your overall progress. They provide guidance on developing your personal skills and enhancing your employability. They can also signpost you to other expert support if you have specific needs or concerns.

When will I meet with my tutor?

You and your tutor will talk at key points in your study, and meetings will be scheduled for this, you may also have group tutorials. Meetings will focus on your transition into university or your next year of study, preparing for assessments, responding to feedback, and thinking about planning for your career or further study.
As well as the meetings that your tutor will arrange, you will be able to contact them for advice and support throughout your time at Exeter. These meetings are likely to be via Teams this year, although, if circumstances permit it may be possible to hold face to face meetings.

Why might I need to talk to my tutor?

You can talk to your tutor if you are worried about an assessment deadline, are having problems with attendance, or have personal matters you think are affecting your studies. Your tutor will either be able to help you themselves, or will signpost you in the direction of the most appropriate person for the particular situation.

How can my tutor help me make study choices?

You can talk to your tutor for help as you make decisions about module choices and other study options e.g. placements, for specific information they may direct you to another colleague (module tutor/placement co-ordinator).

Will my tutor offer me counselling?

Your tutor will listen to you, but will not be able to offer counselling or solve all your problems. The role of the Academic Personal Tutor is to signpost you to the most appropriate information, guidance and support services offered by the university.

What if I feel very distressed and I can’t contact my tutor?

Your tutor should be able to get back to you within a reasonable time frame, but may not be able to reply to your e-mail or phone call because they are working or away.
If you are at Exeter campus go to to get urgent help.
If you are at Cornwall go to

What if I want to change my tutor?

You can ask to change your tutor at any time without giving a reason, contact your college to find out how you can do this.

How do I make the most of tutoring at university?

To get the best out of your tutoring relationship, you should attend all scheduled meetings, check your e-mails regularly and make sure you complete any actions your tutor suggests.