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SafeZone app

SafeZone is a free online app that helps us to help you while you're on campus, if you request it. 

Once you download and sign in to SafeZone, you will be able to quickly and easily make contact with the security team whenever you’re on one of our campuses.

  • It features live chat, one-button assistance requests so you don't need to remember phone numbers, and you can let the security team know if you’re working somewhere alone or out of regular hours.
  • In the event of an emergency, we’ll be able to keep you updated, via text messages, should you need to be aware of any vital location-based information.
  • Once installed if you press Emergency, Help or First aid, your location will be sent to relevant staff on campus and allows us to keep you updated, via text messages, and relevant information relating to your emergency.


To download the app please go to: and follow the instructions for your device. 

You will need to register with your University of Exeter email address and review the permissions for the app to enable the app to be aware of your location, by using the transmitting signals on your phone.

You should also allow push notifications, to enable the University to communicate with you if you raise an emergency alert.

Penryn campus - in order to use the SafeZone app on the Penryn campus, you will need to add 'FX Plus' as an organisation in the app. See details of how to do this on the FX Plus website. 

You can read more about the SafeZone app online: