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Getting help with Maths and Stats

Are you looking for help with Maths and Stats? Come along to a Maths and Stats drop-in where you can get advice from an Adviser with core mathematics and level 1 statistics skills. 

You may also find the following resources and websites helpful.

Q-Step Centre

Exeter's Q-Step Centre provides advanced training in quantitative research methods for undergraduates in the social sciences. Building on the core disciplines of Politics and International Relations, Criminology and Sociology, Q-Step programmes aim to increase the number of students undertaking quantitative methods training in social science by embedding research skills into substantive degree programmes and modules.

Find out more about the Q-Step Centre.

Proficiency in Social Data Science (PSDS)

Each academic year, the Q-Step Centre offers 20 students from all disciplines at Exeter the opportunity to undertake a Proficiency in in Social Data Science (PSDS) that can be tagged onto their degree. For example, students in History, Law or Archaeology will be able to enrol in Q-Step modules, complete the proficiency, and have it designated in their degree title.

Find out more about PSDS.

Maths resources

  • mathcentre offers free resources to support maths development from school to university level in a range of disciplines.
  • GCSE Maths (BBC) covers GCSE level maths for a range of topics. 
  • Revision Maths offers A level pure maths, stats, mechanics and calculus revision notes, as well as a range of GCSE level resources.
  • BBC Skills Wise provides basic maths skills information and guidance.
  • NRICH contains maths problems, games, and articles.
  • WolframMathworld is a comprehensive and interactive website for advanced maths requirements.
  • WolframAlpha provides an online integral calculator.

Additional maths information

  • MathSciNet 'is an electronic publication offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature.'
  • arXiv Cornell University Library 'Open access to e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics.' 

Stats resources

  • statstutor provides a variety of different resources including case study videos, video tutorials, teach yourself materials, tests and quizzes, and a statistics glossary.
  • WolframMathworld offers extensive information on probability and statistics geared to the more advanced statistician.
  • RevisionMaths covers a range of A level statistics topics using clear and basic language.
  • HyperStat Online: Statistics Textbook covers a comprehensive array of statistics topics, generally using clear, basic language.
  • Engineering Statistics Handbook is aimed at scientists and engineers wishing to incorporate statistical methods into their work as efficiently as possible.

Note that these are external websites, therefore we cannot guarantee their accessibility, reliability or accuracy. 

Studiosity: Connect Live (External)

The University has partnered with Studiosity, an external online service accessed via ELE. Studiosity's Connect Live online chat service offers 24/7 support from subject specialists on a range of subjects such as core maths and science skills. 

Find out more about Studiosity and how to access it.