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Use the Study Zone to help with your submission

The Study Zone helpdesk is situated in the Student Services Centre. We offer online and in-person support in preparing your submission to the Showcase. See how Study Zone can help.  

Copyright guidance

You must ensure that your submission to the Undergraduate Research Showcase is copyright compliant. 

If you do not fully own the intellectual property of the content you are submitting, you must seek the appropriate permission/s from other authors or copyright owners prior to submission. This may apply if you completed your research as part of a research internship at the University, or completed the research using the resources of another organisation who have subsequently retained copyright on your work.

If you have worked on your submission project with university staff / academics:

  • You will need to list the staff / academics involved in your submission and obtain their permission to submit.

If you have worked on your project as a group:

  • You will need to list the other students involved in your submission and obtain their permission to submit.

This applies to both research content and images. Be aware that even some images sourced through electronic resources that the University subscribes to are for internal use, directed at other students and staff only. As a result, you may need to obtain permission to use these images. 

Please also be mindful about not sharing confidential information; for example, if you have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or wish to display or describe new inventions that may prevent patent protection.

As part of your submission, you will have to provide proof that you have read and understood our copyright guidance. Failure to follow copyright procedures may lead to your submission being rejected and an academic misconduct case.

More details can be found on our full copyright guidance. Please contact if you have any doubts. 

Notice and takedown policy

If the University of Exeter is notified of a potential breach of copyright, or receive a complaint indicating a violation of any law on, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights, data protection, confidentiality, obscenity, defamation or libel, the item involved will be removed from the website as quickly as possible pending further investigation. 

The University will seek to work with any complainant with the intention to find a reasonable solution, and where possible, in order to enable the material involved or something similar to be made available again on the website.