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Erase the grey

Erase the grey

Erase the grey

TRIGGER WARNING: violence and sexual violence

All members of society have the right to study, work and live without experiencing any form of gender-based violence (GBV), abuse or harassment. Often described as ‘violence against women’, the term gender-based violence refers to violence directed against someone because of their gender and expectations of their role in a society or culture.

The Erase the Grey campaign – originally launched by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and being run by the University of Exeter under licence from GCU - has key messages which challenge stereotypical attitudes and behaviours and reiterates a zero-tolerance policy towards gender-based violence.

Expect to see these impactful messages displayed around campus, on social media and in newsletters over the coming weeks and months, to encourage people to change attitudes and behaviours and raise awareness of a wide range of issues, including consent, harassment, abuse and stalking.

The intention is for the campaign to speak to the whole university community; to act as a call to action; raise awareness and challenge prevailing myths. It may also help people to view past experiences in a different light.

We appreciate that some of these messages are powerful and may evoke unsettling or distressing memories for some people; If you need it, we strongly encourage you to reach out for support from our wellbeing services teams in Cornwall and Devon, the Students’ Guild Advice Service or Students’ Union Advice Service.  You may prefer to contact external sources of support and advice.

If this campaign has led you to want to improve your understanding of what constitutes consent, you can take the course on ELE.