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Dignity and Respect Advisors

Dignity and Respect Advisors

Dignity and Respect Advisors

The University provides a network of Dignity and Respect Advisors, which are members of staff from across the University who have volunteered and are trained to undertake the role. They provide a confidential and informal service for anyone involved in cases of harassment or bullying (including those facing allegations about their behaviour). Advisors can listen, talk through the options available and, if appropriate signpost to other sources of support and advice.

Dignity and Respect Advisors can provide support to any staff or students. Students can contact any of the Dignity and Respect Advisors. Staff can contact any of the non-Guild Dignity and Respect Advisors. It is also recommended that wherever possible, the Dignity and Respect Advisors based in your own College or Service are not selected to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Occasionally, a Dignity and Respect Advisor may need to refer an individual contacting them to another Advisor within the Network. This may be due to personal commitments, a potential conflict of interest or because another Advisor is better equipped to assist with a particular issue.

Dignity and Respect Advisors are there to listen to what has happened and to help and support, and explain the options, whether or not someone wishes to make a formal complaint. They also have names and addresses of external support groups or other professional bodies if referral is more appropriate.

To view a list of advisors and their contact click here.

You can be assured of Dignity and Respect Advisors' total confidentiality. The Advisor will complete a brief, anonymous record of any discussion that will be used by the University’s Equality and Diversity Office solely for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of the Policy and the network of Dignity and Respect Advisors in dealing effectively with concerns about inappropriate conduct. The Advisor will discuss the contents of this record with you.

Exceptionally, if the Dignity and Respect Advisor considers that there is unacceptable risk to the individual, another person or the University, they may inform one of the University’s Personal Representatives to the Vice-Chancellor, but you will be advised of this before any disclosure is made. The information will only be disclosed to relevant parties and all investigations will apply appropriate levels of confidentiality (see safeguards).

Dignity and Respect Advisors can:

  • provide a supportive, confidential and informal environment in which to discuss issues regarding harassment and/or bullying
  • provide information on the options that are available
  • assist those seeking advice in thinking those options through
  • empathise without judgement
  • accompany individuals at meetings in an informal capacity or under their ‘right to be accompanied’ (providing all parties involved are in agreement)
  • if appropriate, signpost to other sources of support/advice

Dignity and Respect Advisors cannot:

  • make decisions for the individual seeking advice or ‘fix’ their situation
  • take action against the alleged harasser
  • mediate or negotiate between the individual seeking advice and the alleged harasser
  • provide counselling (counselling for students is provided by Wellbeing Services; staff can access counselling via Care First)
  • give directional advice
  • meet with individual seeking advice outside of office hours or outside of University premises

How to get in touch

  • Students can contact any of the Dignity and Respect Advisors.
  • Staff can contact any of the non-Guild Dignity and Respect Advisors.

It is also recommended that wherever possible, the Dignity and Respect Advisors based in your own College or Service are not selected to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Asif Tahir College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

01326 259320

Julia Phillips Technical Services

01326 371874

Ellie Le Couter Bisson Education and Student Experience
Hayley McCormack Education and Student Experience Currently unavailable
Beth Hall Education and Student Experience
Tristan Snowsill University of Exeter Medical School


Catherine Hayman Campus Services

01392 724881

Russell Hiscox Campus Services


Leo de Sousa-Webb Doctoral College and CEMPS

01392 724750

Lizzie Sherwood Education and Student Experience


01392 722094

Tim Harris Wellbeing Services

01392 727060

Sarah Hood Career Zone


Jessica Miall Law School

01392 722720

Caitlin Kight Academic Development

01392 724 104

Victoria Brown Students Guild Advice Unit ( student only)

Madi Pollard-Shore

Doctoral College (Research Services)

Dignity and Respect Advisor profiles