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Alumni Authors - November 2016


A new feature to recognise achievements and publications of alumni writers. A new feature to recognise achievements and publications of alumni writers. A new feature to recognise achievements and publications of alumni writers. A new feature to recognise achievements and publications of alumni writers. A new feature to recognise achievements and publications of alumni writers. A new feature to recognise achievements and publications of alumni

Here’s a round-up of the latest books published by Exeter alumni writers. If you studied at Exeter and you’ve recently published a book let us know by emailing with a synopsis of the book, an image and your biography and we will feature it in Alumni Authors


Dr. Yuksel Gormez (MBA 1996) shared his observations while he was representing Central Bank of Turkey in China and Japan from 2010 to 2014 in two separate books; published by Turkish Publication House Alfa Kitap. Books are only in Turkish for now and available in all bookstores around the country and will soon be available in all electronic trading platforms around the world.

Çi̇n (China): Gi̇tti̇m Gördüm Yazdim (Veni Vidi Scripsi) by Yüksel Görmez‌‌

A book written not only to help to understand China but also intends to ease the complexities of the global ordeal and financial architecture. 

A‌vailable to order from or call +90 212 511 53 03. 

Japan: Gi̇tti̇m Gördüm Yazdim (Veni Vidi Scripsi) By Yüksel Görmez‌ 

A book written not only to help to understand Japan but also Asia and to assist to ease the complexities of the global ordeal and financial architecture. 

‌A‌vailable to order from or call +90 212 511 53 03.

Middle Ridgeway by Eric Jones and Patrick Dillon‌ 

The Ridgeway is part of a larger network of paths and tracks that traverse the chalk landscapes of southern England. Eric and Patrick tell the story of the middle section, which runs from Streatley in Berkshire, where the River Thames cuts through the chalk hills, to the prehistoric complex at Avebury in Wiltshire. It is an account of how the region has been shaped by the interaction of changing patterns of land use with local ecology. Middle Ridgeway describes a chalk landscape from prehistory to present day, taking in farming practices, social history, rural sports, the history of wildlife, and offering an aside into the forces that might shape its future. It is illustrated with 20 colour paintings by the landscape artist Anna Dillon, Patrick’s daughter. Anna’s paintings are constructed through processes of layering that reflect the historical imprint on the environment; the sense of place evoked is at once distinctive and mysterious, the familiar setting within which lies a complex story waiting to unfold.

Patrick Dillon is an Emeritus Professor in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies. He gained his PhD from Exeter in Economic History in 1990. He wrote Middle Ridgeway with Eric Jones, who was a Visiting Professor at Exeter in the 1980s.



20 full colour illustrations, £16.95 + £2.80 p&p

War on Wheels by Philip Hamlyn Williams‌‌

During the Second World War the British Army underwent a complete transformation as the number of vehicles grew from 40,000 to 1.5 million, ranging from tanks and giant tank transporters to jeeps, mobile baths and offices, and scout cars. At the same time the way in which the army was provided with all it needed was transformed – arms and ammunition, radio, clothing and places to sleep and wash.

In this fascinating volume, Philip Hamlyn Williams makes extensive use of archival material and first-hand accounts to follow some of the men and women who mechanised the British Army from the early days at Chilwell near Nottingham, through the near disaster of the BEF, Desert War and Italian invasion, to preparations for D-Day and war in the Far East. Stunningly illustrated throughout, War on Wheels explores the building of the network of massive depots across the UK and throughout the theatres of war that, with creative input from the UK motor industry, supplied the British Army. It is truly an impressive work to be enjoyed by anyone intrigued by the machines and logistics of the British Army in the Second World War.

Philip Hamlyn Williams, a historian and biographer, discovered the story of War on Wheels in papers left by his parents. His father, Major General Sir Leslie (‘Bill’) Williams, commanded the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in the Second World War.

Philip graduated from Exeter in 2008 having been awarded a first in an external BA Humanities.



William the Conqueror by David Bates‌


A leading historian of the period, Bates (BA History) is notable for having worked extensively in the archives of northern France and discovered many eleventh- and twelfth-century charters largely unnoticed by English-language scholars. Taking an innovative approach, he argues for a move away from old perceptions and controversies associated with William’s life and the Norman Conquest. This deeply researched volume is the scholarly biography for our generation.





Also available to order from or call +44(0)20 7079 4900.

A Girl Like Tilly: Growing up with Autism by Helen Bates and Ellen Li‌‌


The world is a very confusing place for Tilly. She tries her best but she just can’t seem to understand the rules like everyone else does.‌ As she gets older, things get even harder. This poignant story maps the entire childhood of a bright young girl with autism: growing up undiagnosed, she finds life increasingly difficult and confusing. Unable to communicate her thoughts and feelings, she retreats further into her own world while her family grows evermore perplexed and concerned. When a psychologist finally explains what makes her special, they can stop focusing on the problems and start to navigate a new way forward for Tilly.

Helen Bates is a retired social worker and family therapist and Eexter alum (BPhil in Social Work in 1971). She now works as a CAMH Learning and Development Consultant providing mental health training to staff in schools and colleges. Her daughter Rachel was diagnosed with autism as an adult.

Ellen Li is a London based illustrator. She aims to approach familiar subjects from new perspectives in her work. Ellen studied at London College of Communication. See more of her work at



Also available to order from or call +44(0) 20 7833 2307.

Developing Young Children's Creativity: Possibility Thinking in the Early Years‌ by Linda McConnon 

This book vividly illustrates how Anna Craft’s concept of ‘possibility thinking’ - shifting from ‘what is’ to ‘what might be’ - is at the heart of creativity. It traces the verbal and non-verbal communication, collaboration and identity development of three children as they use art and craft through their first three years in school. 

Through the engaging words and actions of the self-named Rosie Runner, Hot Wheels and Box Boy, readers are led through the immersive worlds of young children. Educators in early years settings and primary schools, creative arts playworkers and social studies researchers will see how they can observe, document, foster and assess creativity in their own settings and enhance their own pedagogical practice.

Dr Linda McConnon is a freelance educationalist, researcher and playworker in arts, education and mobile application technology projects. She has a PhD in Education and MSc with distinction from the University of Exeter and a first class BSc honours degree in Early Childhood Studies from Swansea University. Her work focuses on the what, how and why of creativity and education futures.



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Anjin – the Life and Times of Samurai William Adams 1564 – 1620 As Seen Through Japanese Eyes by Hiromi Rogers

‌This is the real story that inspired James Clavell’s blockbuster novel Shogun and it is ever‌y bit as extraordinary. From ship-wrecked sailor and wretched‌ prisoner, Adams rose to become one of the closest advisors to Japan’s most respected Shogun and the achievements of Miura Anjin, as he was known, are still celebrated in Japan today.

Drawing on her native knowledge and on research skills gained at Exeter, Hiromi Rogers [PhD 2001] uncovers Japanese sources never before translated into English to take us closer to the definitive account of Adams’ life as a samurai lord and of the mistakes and misunderstandings, very relevant today, that scuppered England’s first ‘trade deal’ with Japan.

Available from Orca Book Services with £9.95 discount for Exeter alumni contact or call 01235 465577.  



Meat Songs by Jack Nicholls

This poetry pamphlet by Jack Nicholls (English with study in North America, 2012) will be published by the Emma Press in March 2017.

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Date: 15 November 2016

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