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Be a Local Hero allows people to buy products and vouchers from local independent businesses, that can be redeemed when they reopen.

Alumna helps small businesses stay on track

Katie O’Connor (Business Economics, 2017) has helped to set up an online venture that supports independent businesses during the lockdown and helps them to grow post lockdown.

The website, Be a Local Hero, enables independent businesses to easily sell commission free vouchers to their local community. The system handles all the admin and the vouchers can be easily redeemed when the businesses reopen. It also allows people to 'Explore their Community' and discover independent businesses in their local area. 

Katie said: “We already have 34 businesses live on the platform, covering the length and breadth of the UK, from Plymouth on the South Coast to Helensburgh in Scotland. That said, most of our businesses are in South West London, namely Surbiton where we live, which resulted in Ed Davey endorsing the initiative in his most recent Community Update. 

“We’re not making any money from the site as it’s completely free to register and we don’t charge any commission. Rather we just want to see as many independents as possible survive the lockdown.”

Last weekend the website surpassed £2000 in voucher sales and is growing quickly.

Katie said: “It’s also inspiring to see how independent businesses are using the site to rally together and support each other during these challenging times. For example, one of our local businesses recently spent £555 on vouchers from other businesses using our site.”

Date: 14 May 2020

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