The Medical School provides an exciting opportunity for Exeter to become a leader in medical education and research. Your donation will help the University to attract the brightest and best staff to work in Devon and Cornwall.

Alumnus Dr Dennis Gillings (Mathematics 1966) Founder of Quintiles, Former World Dementia Envoy and Dr Mireille Gillings, Founder of HUYA Bioscience, gave £2 million to support the Medical School through the Dennis and Mireille Gillings Foundation.

Making a difference to the lives and health of millions

From locally to globally, the University of Exeter Medical School makes a difference to the lives and health of millions of people. With particular expertise in areas such as neonatal diabetes, dementia care and prevention, cancer diagnosis, neuroscience and mental health, our research is characterised by ‘embedded care’.

This means that instead of the traditional model of pure scientific research; at Exeter research is initiated by a clinical question, takes place in a clinical setting and is measured by its clinical outcome. This means that research can be quickly adopted into practice. With the increasing pressures on the NHS and healthcare provision worldwide, our approach has the potential to revolutionise patient care.

Will you help Exeter make the next medical breakthrough?

Your gift of £25,000 will enable a talented student to complete a postgraduate qualification.

Your gift of £75,000 will fully fund a PhD studentship.

Your gift of £100,000 or more will provide substantial support to a research group, for example through funding equipment and research activities.

Your gift of £750,000 or more can support the provision of key technologies such as DNA sequencing.

Your gift of £250,000 or more will provide revenue funding to support clinical fellowships and clinical lectureships.

An exceptional gift of £1 million or more can establish an endowed professorship or academic chair.

An extraordinary gift of £5 million or more will advance the aims and work of the Medical School or Centre for Clinical Excellence. Or it will help establish a centre for dementia, or diabetes research.

We are committed to recognising your support. From naming opportunities for buildings and rooms or academic posts and scholarships, to events publically thanking our supporters, we would be delighted to discuss options with you.

Contact us today at or +44 (0)1392 723141 and help us to make the exceptional happen.

Exceptional Health

From local to global, the University of Exeter Medical School makes a difference to the lives and health of millions.

Latest news: Largest single gift received by Exeter

£10 million donation from the Dennis and Mireille Gillings Foundation will fund Mireille Gillings Neuroimaging Centre, medical research and leadership programmes.

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Tackling the global health challenge of dementia

With your support, we believe our dual approach of focussing on dementia and dementia care will shed light on new treatments and help people live better with the disease.

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Transforming the treatment of diabetes

Exeter is the leading centre in the world for the genetics of diabetes, receiving samples for testing from 60% of all children born with diabetes.

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Help us to advance genomic research

Exeter’s expertise ranges from translating findings from studies to improve patient care, to using genomics to understand the evolution of infectious disease.

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Understanding connections: the environment and health

The European Centre for Environment and Human Health focusses on emerging threats to health posed by the environment, and wellbeing benefits the natural environment can provide

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Centre for Clinical Excellence

We plan to build a Centre for Clinical Excellence to expand our unique ‘embedded research’ approach which identifies and solves key questions in clinical care.

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Early recognition of cancer by GPs

Exeter is helping to provide earlier diagnosis and better treatment for cancer patients.

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Supporting cutting-edge medical research

The University of Exeter Medical School is conducting pioneering work in genetic disorders.

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Neonatal diabetes

Emma Matthews, a mother whose son received pioneering treatment thanks to University of Exeter research, speaks about the impact it had on her family.