My time at Exeter was one of the most valuable of my life. I want to help other young people from this area study at this great University and gain from a life-enriching experience as they set out in the adult world.

Tony Allen (Physics 1965) gives talented students from Devon the chance to study at Exeter no matter their background, thanks to his scholarships.

Supporting Masters students from China

The HT Foundation Master Scholarship helps talented Chinese students to study at Exeter.

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Widening Participation

Amy Ralston, a third Year Law Student at the University of Exeter, speaks about her experience of receiving a scholarship.

Supporting managerial talent in Colombia

Since 2011, the Ayudar Foundation has supported Colombian students to complete Exeter’s One Planet MBA programme.

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Recognising exceptional generosity

We are committed to recognising your support. From naming opportunities for buildings and rooms or academic posts and scholarships, to events publicly thanking our supporters, we would be delighted to discuss options with you.

Contact us today at or +44 (0)1392 723141 and help us to make the exceptional happen.

Support our work


Help us to create tomorrow’s leaders

Students are at the heart of the academic community at Exeter. Ensuring that every student engages in a research-rich education that prepares them for the future is vital, but we know that university life is about much more than academic study.

University is a time to develop skills, grow in confidence, and decide what difference you want to make in the world. We want every student to leave Exeter with the life and leadership skills they need to become exceptional graduates and tomorrow’s leaders.

Too many children grow up believing that University isn’t an option for them. We want to make sure Exeter is open to everyone with the academic ability, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances.

To achieve this, five areas require urgent investment:

  • Providing bursaries and outreach to ensure talented students from all backgrounds can come to Exeter
  • Improving students’ wellbeing through access to support services when they are needed
  • Helping students develop skills through societies, sport, and entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing students’ employability through access to internships, mentoring and volunteering
  • Creating Masters and PhD scholarships so that the brightest students can continue their studies regardless of income


How you can help

Support a young person with potential
Our Widening Participation Scholarship Programme costs £1,500 per student to run. These two and three year programmes aimed at 16 and 17 year olds support them through the UCAS application and raise their aspirations and achievement at school. At the end of the course students receive an offer which reflects their educational background and those achieving the offer grades receive scholarships.

Support the Masters Scholarship Bursary Fund
With a growing need to offer Masters scholarship opportunities across all Colleges, your gift of £5,000 would enable part or fully funded scholarships to be offered for programmes, according to the current strategic need.

Provide a full-fees Masters scholarship for UK/EU students
Your donation of £12,000 would cover the tuition fees of a Masters programme for a Home/EU student; a gift of £20,000 would provide additional funding to cover living costs.

Provide a full-fees Masters scholarship for International students
Your donation of £22,000 would cover the tuition fees of a Masters student from outside the EU; a gift of £30,000 would provide additional funding to cover living costs.

Support the Students’ Guild Fund to provide exceptional services for our students
Gifts from £5 to £5,000 will ensure that funding is available to meet the changing needs of our student community, offering every single student an exceptional experience.

Provide a full-fees scholarship for a premium professional Masters programme
Your gift of £25,000 would provide the opportunity for a student to take up one of our most sought-after professional Masters programmes (e.g. Exeter MBA, Professional Masters in Data Science, Masters in Living Systems) and greatly enhance their career prospects and impact in business.

Help us to re-invent the Music & Drama room for our growing number of student societies and groups
The Music and Drama room offers performance, practice and meeting space for so many of our societies as well as offering an on-campus cinema. This room is in urgent need of refurbishment to make it a flexible and useful space for generations of students to come. Gifts of up to £200,000 can help make that happen.

Support outreach activities in Devon schools
The Excellence in Exeter Awards is our flagship initiative to recognise exceptional young people. A similar awards ceremony, Excellence in Cornwall, is run in Truro. Forging links between the University and local schools and colleges as a way of encouraging young people to engage with higher education, the event recognises pupils’ achievements, academically, in sports, the arts or community. £5,000 can support the organisation of the event.


Ensuring fair access for the brightest and the best

We want to make sure Exeter is open to everyone with the academic ability, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances.

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Diamond Jubilee Doctoral Scholarship Match Fund

Help aspiring PhD students expand the boundaries of knowledge while strengthening Exeter’s international research reputation.

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Support students with a regular donation to our fund

Today's students face a challenging financial environment and this fund provides a wide range of support: maintenance grants, travel bursaries, sports and music scholarships.

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Sanctuary Scholarships – Education without borders

The University of Exeter has launched a Sanctuary Scholarships scheme, which is available for people who are seeking asylum, have limited leave to remain, ‘humanitarian protection’ or refugee status, and International Care Leavers.

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Our Cornwall Campuses

Working in partnership with us, your gift will create life changing opportunities for talented students from Cornwall.

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Providing all students with an exceptional experience

We want to give every single student the opportunity to make the most of their time here and the best possible chance for success in employment and life.

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The Education Incubator

The Education Incubator is a research-led enhancement of teaching and learning strategies which aim to prepare students as well as possible in order to compete in the 21st Century workplace.

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