Induction facilitators

There are many people involved in supporting induction from you induction facilitator, your manager, others in your area or from across the University. Induction facilitators play a key role in supporting a new member of staff during their first two weeks in post.

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Induction Facilitators are nominated by a College/Service and can be an academic or a member of professional services staff.

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Induction Facilitator Guide

The Induction Facilitator Guide outlines how the Induction Facilitator can provide support to a new member of staff during the induction process whether they are online or offline.

Keeping up to date with changes

Changes to the Induction website - up to one year ago - will be indicated in order that you can check this prior to undertaking the induction facilitator role.  Due to varying staff recruitment, there may be occasions when there are none or limited staff employed in your area and thus your participation as an IF is reduced.  The list of changes allow you to quickly update on what has been changed.

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Annual Induction Facilitator Event

An annual induction facilitator event is held to encourage sharing of good practice and to discuss significant changes/improvements made to the induction - process or website.

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