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If you need help

If you need helps please contact Exeter IT

Your IT account

Your IT account

Your IT account

Your IT account

All registered Students, Staff members, and Associates are given their own University IT account.

Your account will provide you with access to email, file space, the MyExeter page (for staff), iExeter (for students) and other useful University resources.

You must abide by the University's IT Regulations for the use of computer hardware and software.

Setting up your IT account

New full-time Home/EU undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time students

You will be sent a Welcome email to your personal email, which will include your Exeter student ID number.

Using your student ID number and your date of birth, you can activate your IT account online, by visiting the IT account activation web page.  You should then change your password from the default provided. 

If you can do so then it is strongly suggested that you visit this webpage and activate your IT Account before you arrive here at the University of Exeter.  

However, if you do arrive on campus having been unable to visit the online activation page, you can activate your account on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

If you require assistance activating your account please go to the Student Information Desk with your UniCard or Contact us.

New International full time students

If you are a new full-time International undergraduate or postgraduate to activate your IT account please visit the IT account activation web page where you will be asked to enter your student ID number, found on your Welcome email, and your date of birth.  This will allow you to activate your IT account. You should then change your password from the default provided.
As an International student you will not be able to obtain your UniCard or Register online until the required document checks have taken place. Details will be sent to you in your registration email.

Usernames, passwords and e-mail addresses for returning students will remain the same as last year.  If you haven't already done so, you should save answers to security questions so you can change your password yourself when you need to.

All full-time returning students studying on campus will need to Register for their University course online using the SRS student record system.

Returning students who have not Registered with e-Vision will have their IT accounts suspended and will need to contact the Registry Services Team.

Use your existing  username and password from last year to login to the SRS student record system.

If you have forgotten your password, or have any other IT related queries, please Contact us.

Returning students studying abroad or off campus will keep their existing username and password.

If you are a new salaried member of University staff your IT Account will be automatically created once you have a valid employee record and the account details will be with your Induction Facilitator for collection.

Once your account is activated you should change your password from the default provided.

If you have a work-related reason to access University IT facilities (honorary research staff, visiting lecturers, etc.) you can ask the member of staff who is managing your Associate application to request an IT account for you through
our online Associate Management System.  

Once logged in they should click "IT Access" "Request New IT Access", and then choose the type of account which is required.

For full details on how to do this please see How to request an Associate IT account

Please note that we no longer accept paper IT account activation forms as a means of obtaining access to University IT facilities.

Check your personal details

You can view your personal details within the University Directory and update some of this information yourself using the links provided.

In particular this will allow you to define your Preferred Name for use across most of our University IT systems, for example
how your name is displayed within ELE, Emails and the Email Address List.

If you choose not to define your Preferred Name this will default to using your registered first name.

Change your password

Before you change your password please read these Password tips‌ and check the Password FAQs.

Please follow each of the steps below in order to update your password and avoid getting locked out of your account.

This is a one-off task that will allow you to change your password yourself in the future without having to call the SID team.

You need to know your current password to do this.

» Save answers to security questions here

Before you start, if you have your University email or Wi-Fi or any other university apps set up on your mobile devices (smart phone or tablet) please disconnect Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G connections on all your devices before you change your password.

If you don't, then your university IT account may be locked out.

The easiest way to do this is to "Forget Network" for Wi-Fi and turn off Mobile Data on all of your devices.

Click here to change your password then follow the on-screen instructions.

Make sure you update your new password in Account Settings for your University email, Wi-Fi or any other University apps on all your mobile devices before you reconnect to Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G again.

If you are logged in to your University account on your PC or laptop, log out and back in again using your new password.

You will be able to use your new password straight away to access nearly all University systems, but you do need to update Skype for Business with your new password, and also Wi-Fi for Eduroam and UoE_Secure when you are on campus.

Please see Stop your account being locked for more details.

Leaving the University

When you leave the University permanently you will no longer be entitled to use the University IT resources, unless you apply to become a registered Associate using the "IT Access" links within the Associate Management System.

Before you leave, please check your Library record online for ITEMS CHECKED OUT and return everything listed. Contact if you need help.

If you are a graduating student who is not returning for further study, then your IT account will continue for a year after graduation but certain services may no longer be available; for example borrowing books from the Library and Electronic Library Access.

For this period following your graduation we may use your University email address to contact you regarding such things as events and activities at Exeter, opportunities for reunions and student surveys.

Please note we do not provide alumni email accounts.

Your IT access will be disabled from the day after your End Date.

There may be occasions where one fixed term contract finishes and a new one starts the next working day. In this case your IT account will continue to operate normally though there may be different levels of access associated with the new role.

Any gap between contracts will result in IT access being disabled for that period but will be reactivated with the same account details and email history when you start your new role.

If you are retiring, you can request to retain your existing University IT account via the online Associate Management System (Please note that this should be done before you leave).

Once logged in you should click "IT Access","Request New IT Access", and then choose "Staff Retired". Your request will then need to be approved by your College or Service management.

For full details on how to do this please see How to request an Associate IT account.