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Introduction to IT Services

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Welcome to the University of Exeter

As a new staff member or postgraduate student, here you can find out more details on some of the key IT services and systems that you will likely use.  There are useful tips and links to further information where you can learn more or request further help and guidance from Exeter IT.

Click here to access our full guide for staff and postgraduate students.

About Exeter IT Services

Exeter IT Services are responsible for ensuring that the University’s IT capability (hardware, software and people) is fit for purpose and able to protect, support and enhance the full breadth of services that will be delivered either on campus, digitally or through blended learning. We are putting in place the technical capabilities required to support the organisation in the delivery of its Strategy 2030, including platforms, security and operations that are future-proof and support staff and student needs. As a team we identify skills and capability gaps and develop business case for investment in new hires and engage in third-party contracts to insource key talent quickly. They deliver change through a team of digital change managers, developers, test and project managers.One of our key operational and strategic priorities is to provide a fully secure and resilient support service for all IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, people and facilities.