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IT Partners

The role of the IT Partners (ITPs) is to provide a strategic level link for our colleagues in colleges and services into the heart of the IT Service. This ensures we are able to work to a common purpose as partners across the University with shared objectives and plans. To this end the team is also aligned along the strategic themes and which match the main planning portfolios of Education, Research and Operations. These themes will guide which BPs are involved with specific proposals depending on their strategic alignment. The ITP liases with senior stakeholders in their areas of responsibility on a regular basis.

Use the Professional Services Contacts tool to find Professional Services leads for each academic department.

Martin Bennie

Faculty / Area: Health and Life Sciences

Aligned with: Research and Impact, Business Engagement and Innovation

Linked to: Research Services, Innovation, Impact and Business

Peter Rayment

Faculty / Area: Environment, Science and Economy

Aligned with: Global

Linked to: External Engagement and Global

Dean Archer

Faculty / Area: Cornwall

Aligned with: Cornwall

Linked to: FXPlus - IT

Sarah Menhennett

Faculty / Area: Central Services

Aligned with: Strategy, Implementation and Resources

Linked to: University Corporate Services, Finance Infrastructure and Commercial Services, Human Resources and Digital

Tabitha Collins

Faculty / Area: Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Aligned with: Education

Linked to: Education and Academic Services & Admissions