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Business Technology Services (BTS)

Business Technology Services (BTS) bridges the gap between the business and IT on matters relating to the provision and automation of business services. We focus on ensuring that these services and products are effectively aligned with the business needs and Strategy 2030. 

The team operates based on four core principles: 

Service continuity - driving us to consistently deliver technology solutions and IT applications that prioritise reliability, efficiency, security, and performance.

Maximising Technology - by immersing ourselves within the business, creating clear roadmaps aligned with organisational goals and collaborating closely with vendors for innovative solutions.  

Data excellence and insights - recognising the inherent value of data as a strategic asset by ensuring its quality, security, and accessibility while enabling data analysis and insights within the business to facilitate data-driven decision-making at an operational level. 

Technology readiness - horizon scanning to anticipate emerging technology trends and stay prepared for the timely adoption of the latest products and solutions, in close collaboration with the Enterprise Architecture and Solution Delivery teams. For further information, including our latest roadmap, please see the BTS SharePoint site

Current scope of Business Technology Services: 

iTrent, eClaims, HR Business Objects, Document Manager (DM), Cohort, eSR1, Above & Beyond and LearnUpon

T1, Anaplan, IMS, WPM, Corporate Planner, Advanced Marketplace, CTD

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GeckoEngage and GeckoChat.