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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an approach that has been found to be helpful in treating depression and other mental health difficulties.

Find out which treatments the National Institutes of Clinical Excellence currently recommend for depression.

AccEPT Clinic (Accessing Evidenced Based Psychological Therapies)

About us

The AccEPT Clinic provides evidence based psychological therapies to adults in the community who experience severe or recurrent mood disorders. The clinic is hosted by the University of Exeter, and funded by the NHS. Our mission is to develop, test and make accessible effective treatments for depression and other mood disorders. We are based in the Sir Henry Wellcome Mood Disorders Research Centre, a building designed and maintained to provide a pleasant, state-of-the art therapy centre.  As well as working with GP practices in and around Devon we also work in close partnership with other NHS Services including the Depression and Anxiety Service and Mental Wellbeing and Access Teams.

AccEPT has active service user involvement with the Lived Experience Group (LEG) who help shape our service including projects, our strategy and the day to day running of the clinic.

We have been serving people in the Exeter, East and Mid Devon area since June 2008, and in North Devon since 2011 and are funded by the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, more commonly known as the NHS NEW Devon CCG.

We offer two types of treatment:

  1. Evidence-based and NICE (Department of Health) recommended treatments that are not locally available and in which the AccEPT Clinic has specialist expertise.
  2. Treatments that are being developed as part of our Centre’s clinical research programme.

Our Therapists

Therapy within the clinic is offered by a number of trained psychological therapy practitioners who are from a variety of professional backgrounds. Our practitioners all have specialist skills in the development, training and delivery of their approach.

You can find out which treatments the National Institute for Clinical Excellence currently recommends for depression by visiting their website. There are separate guidelines for depression, depression that co-occurs with chronic physical health problems, bipolar disorder and post-partum depression.