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Our service offers a range of treatments that fit within 3 pathways: please select the headings below to read more about each pathway and the treatments available within them.

Our treatments are offered both face to face in Exeter or online via Zoom. You can access our Service via self-referral, GPs, Devon Alliance (VCSE), NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT), secondary care MHAT, and PCN meeting referral (i.e. primary and secondary care).

Please view each individual therapy for information on how to make a referral. 

Who is this pathway for?

Those with depression who have not benefitted from NHS Talking Therapies or are too severe for NHS Talking Therapies but who will not be eligible for secondary care services.

Treatments available within this pathway:

ADepT for Non-Responders

Suitable for individuals who have previously not responded to a current best practice therapy (e.g., cognitive behavioural therapy) in NHS Talking Therapies for depression and anxiety services (formerly known as ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapy’ or IAPT)..  It is a 1:1 treatment.

This study will recruit a total of 12 participants who have previously not responded to depression treatment, the study will commence from December 2023.

For more information please email: 

Who is this pathway for?

Those with bipolar disorder that are not eligible for secondary care support.

Treatments available within this pathway:


This is a talking therapy programme for people with bipolar or cyclothymic disorder who are currently experiencing ongoing low mood or mood swings outside of major episodes of depression or mania. This is a 1:1 treatment of up to 20 sessions. 

STABILISE is a randomised controlled trial which means you have a 50% chance of being randomised to STABILISE treatment and 50% chance of being randommised to treatment as usual (not receiving STABILISE treatment). 

For more information or to express your interest in this study please contact Daniel Scott at

More information about the research or the treatment can be found here: 

Who is this pathway for?

This is for patients with more enduring and recurrent depression and anxiety and/or severe and enduring mental illness (SMI) who are later in their recovery journey. Clients suitable for this pathway are those who are currently not presenting with disabling acute symptoms of ill mental health but show declining levels of wellbeing and functioning. This may include clients who have sufficiently stable symptoms and have been discharged from secondary care, or for clients who were historically held in secondary care services but now held by General Practitioners (GP) and have a stable presentation of symptoms.

Treatments available within this pathway:


LiveMind is a four-session mindfulness-based course aimed at people who have experienced mental health difficulties in the past and are looking to manage and maintaintheir wellbeing.  Adapted from 8-week evidence-based mindfulness programmes, this course aims to be more accessible forpeople who are interested in learning some mindfulnesspractices to support wellbeing, or for those who are unsure about committing to a longer course.  It is a light touch introduction into Mindfulness.  

For more information about the course please see the LiveMind Information Leaflet

Referral Information 

To make a referral to this treatment please click here.  

If what we offer above does not fit what you are looking for we would recommend exploring TALKWORKS, Devon's NHS talking therapies Service, who offer a range of treatments and talking therapies:

For more information about who they are and how they can help please visit:

They run across 5 bases, covering the whole of Devon.  Get in touch here: Get in touch | TALKWORKS ( or to make a referral to their Service complete their online REFRRAL FORM.