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Make a referral

Making a referral

How you refer to our service can be dependant on whether the treatment is part of research or not.  Please refer to each individual treatment information here to find out how make a referral.

What happens next?

All referrals will be assessed or referred on as appropriate within 6 weeks of referral being received by the AccEPT clinic. Please provide as much information as possible within your referral, insufficient information can delay any offer of treatment.  You will receive an email acknowledging your referral within 2 weeks of us receiving it, someone will then be in touch by phone to discuss the referral further with you.  

I have submitted a referral and I haven't heard anything, what should I do?

If you have not heard anything from us within 2 weeks of sending us a referral please contact on (01392) 723493 or at

For more information or for any queries regarding referrals please contact us.