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AccEPT Clinic

AccEPT Clinic

(Accessing Evidenced Based Psychological Therapies)

AccEPT is a psychological therapies service for adults in Devon who have mood disorders such as depression.

We offer mindfulness based therapies and other cutting edge treatments.

You can be referred to us, or you can refer yourself. 


The AccEPT clinic is pleased to be offering therapies virtually and currently our Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) groups are being delivered online: if you are interested in attending one of these groups please go to our referrals page. We intend to resume face-to-face MBCT groups once it is safe to do so and are reviewing this on a regular basis.

The AccEPT Service is opposed to discrimination based on ethnicity, race, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation. As a community of Psychological Therapy practitioners, we recognise that the cause of suffering in individuals cannot be seen only in terms of internal processes and must be thought of in the context of the unequal power structures in society that shape those processes. As a part of the NHS, we strive to work towards a society in which our services are accessible and welcoming to all those who need them. We recognise and respect our differences; we celebrate the rich contribution made to society by a multiplicity of voices; and we commit to continue to learn from them.

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