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Facilities for Clean Growth research

Our state-of-the-art facilities put us at the cutting-edge of Clean Growth research. These facilities available for use as part of collaborative research projects. Please contact us for more information in accessing our facilities, email or call 01392 723456.

Exeter Technologies Group

Encompassing the specialist research groups X-ATCALM and CALMARE. Exeter Technologies Group offer consultancy services, contract research and knowledge transfer partnerships to industry partners.

Offshore and marine energy facilities

From research vessels, offshore instrumentation and high performance computing. Our offshore energy facilities help facilitate collaborative research between the university and renewable energy industry partners.

Structures laboratory

The most advanced facility in the UK for vibration testing and analysis of large civil engineering structures, biomechanics. The structures laboratory is also the birthplace of commercialised research company Full Scale Dynamics Ltd

Materials laboratories

The Imaging Suite offers a full consultation service to internal, external and industrial clients in the field of materials characterisation for experimental applications at micro and nano scales. Includes materials testing, geotechnics testing, concrete testing and processing.

High performance computing facilities

Research into complex data analysis, virtual component testing and environment modelling is made possible thanks to the Universities high performance computing (HPC) facilities. Streatham campus is home to ISCA HPC, while Penryn campus hosts the Environment and Sustainability Institute's Beowulf Cluster: Carson. For more information on ISCA please email the ISCA team >>


Based within the Environment and Sustainability Institute, the DroneLab conducts customised remote sensing research and state-of-the-art data capture on a wide range of land use, environmental and geographical research projects.

Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI)

Our research facilities and equipment at the Environment and Sustainability Institute span a range of sectors and disciplines and allow us to carry out cutting-edge environmental research. 

Falmouth Bay Test Site (FaBTest)

FaBTest is a pre-consented test area located within Falmouth Harbour, which enables a fast, flexible, low risk and low cost solution for the testing of marine energy technologies, components, moorings and deployment procedures. 

Dynamic Marine Component (DMaC) Test Facility

The Dynamic Marine Component (DMaC) test facility is a purpose built test rig that aims to replicate the forces and motions experienced by marine components in offshore applications.