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Exeter Clinical Trials Support Network (ECTSN)

‌The Exeter Clinical Trials Support Network (ECTSN) aims to provide a termly meeting forum for clinical trial/study personnel to network and collaborate and share best practice for the effective management and delivery of clinical trials. Objectives of ECTSN include:

• Sharing and harmonisation of professional practices within the Network
• Hosting common reading materials and resources for access by members
• Identification and provision of training and education
• Providing a frame work to improve collaboration and communication
• Improving quality and performance of locally run clinical trials
• Liaising with the national Trial Manager’s Network
• Enhancing the reputation of Exeter as a national and international centre for clinical trials.

Who can attend ECTSN meetings?

Anyone that is involved in the running and delivery of clinical trials including Trial/Study Managers/Coordinators, Administrators, Data Managers and Quality Assurance and Governance Managers.

University of Exeter staff with expertise in Trial Management.



Previous meetings

Event 24: 2023,  Thursday 9th Feburary: Flyer.pptx

Event 23: 2022,  Thursday 10th Feburary: Flyer.pptx

Event 22: 2021,  Thursday 11th Feburary: Flyer.pptx

Event 21: 2020, Thursday 14th May, Flyer.pptx

Event 20: 

Event 19:

Event 18: 2019, 18th June - Download flyer

Event 17: 2019, 26th March - Download flyer‌‌

Event 16: 2018, 15th November - Download flyer‌

Event 15: 2018, 1st May - Download slides‌

Event 14: 2017, 8th November - Download slides

Event 13: 2017, 7th June - Download slides‌
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