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This webpage is for anyone who is either a postgraduate research student (PGR) or who supports PGRs. 


The pre-arrivals webpage is here to help guide you through the process of starting with us at the University of Exeter including information on induction. 

Student Handbook

The student handbook webpages detail all the policies and procedures you need to be aware of as a PGR at the University of Exeter. 

PGR Support

Our PGR support webpages are here to guide you to all the support available to you as a PGR at the University of Exeter including wellbeing, careers and PTA information. 


The governance webpages details the governance behind the decisions made within the Doctoral College. 

Information for Staff

These webpages are for anyone who supports PGR students including supervisors, pastoral tutors. They also contain details on up and coming studentship opportunities. 

Researcher Development

Our Researcher Development programme is here to support PGRs throughout their studies giving dedicated training on topics to support your degree.