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Future of Work

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Future of Work at Exeter

Research into the Future of Work brings together industrial partners, academics and students to explore and create solutions to the biggest social and technological challenges that organisations face as a result of the changing nature of work in the digital and data centric era. Follow #ExeterFutureofWork on Twitter for regular updates.

» AI, technology and fourth industrial revolution

Exploring the challenges and opportunities that artificial intelligence, technology and data present to organisations.

» Human impacts of the future of work

The future of work is changing how, where and when people work and presenting huge opportunities to provide better services and experiences to employees and customers.

» Governance and regulation

The development of AI and robotics and the automation of daily processes and decision highlights the importance of trust and responsible innovation in the future of work.

» New business models and processes 

In a world of finite resources but an exponential growth of data available, how must organisations structure themselves to thrive in the future of work? 

» 21st century skills

Automation of roles, emerging technologies and new business models require employees, leaders and future generations to adopt new skills to succeed in the world of work.