Professional Services Recognition Awards 2018

The Professional Services Recognition Awards are in their seventh year. These awards are a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise the outstanding achievements of our professional staff, who are central to the University’s success.

Colleagues were invited to nominate a person or team who have made positive contributions to the University in the 2017-18 academic year.

All University of Exeter Professional Services staff are able to be nominated, as well as colleagues working at Falmouth Exeter Plus (FX Plus), the service delivery partner of Falmouth University and the University of Exeter in Cornwall.

The awards complement other methods of reward and recognition, in particular our Above and Beyond Scheme for all staff. In 2018, for the first time, we invited staff who have received multiple Above and Beyond awards to attend the Gala dinner as a thank you for all their hard work.

This year we have the University value categories back again, along with the David Allen Hero/Heroine of the Year and Roddy Ross Award for Innovation awards. In addition, we have two new categories this year – Apprentice of the Year and an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Award.

Ambition has driven us to where we are today, and will help us to sustain our position within the Global 100. 

  • Excellent individual support to academic staff/students
  • A colleague who has developed professionally and grown their skills
  • A team who has undergone professional development and can now offer a better service
  • A colleague who has enabled others to grow in their roles
  • Leading by example – inspiring others to be ambitious
  • A colleague (or group) who has been instrumental in supporting the University’s strategic ambition

Panel chaired by: Jacqui Marshall

We work at our best in active collaboration among students, colleagues and external partners. 

  • A collaborative internal project with colleagues from around the University
  • A collaborative project working with and listening to our students
  • A project with strong links to external partners, even internationally
  • A team or individual that works in a collaborative way bringing together colleagues, working with students and/or external partners
  • A colleague or team who makes it easy to collaborate and supports others in their collaboration
  • Contribution towards a wider team

Panel chaired by: Hannah Rundle

Panel: Pete Vukusicfi, Kat Karamani, Lindsay Aitken

We relish challenge and reach for the previously unachievable:

  • A team or individual that has met a challenge head on and improved the way they work or service they offer as a result
  • A team or colleague who has solved a problem in an effective way
  • If the pressure is on, this team or colleague delivers every time and goes out of their comfort zone
  • A team or individual who strives to achieve better results in the service they offer, raising standards
  • A team or colleague who is confident to challenge and be challenged

Panel chaired by: Astrid Wissenburg

Panel: Andrew Massey, Lorna Harries, Cathryn Stocker, Madison Pollard

We support and inspire each other to be the best that we can be:

  • A project, team or colleague who has evidence of bringing people together
  • Going above and beyond a job role to volunteer to assist others
  • An inspiring and/or supportive colleague or team who has led to others acting in a community minded way
  • A colleague or team who has worked outside normal work hours on a community event

Panel chaired by: Michael Wykes

Panel: Ceri Lewis, Natasa Christofidou, Rebecca Takeda-Frost, Wnedy Courtney

Making the exceptional happen requires disruptive thinking, fresh ways of working and solutions with impact.

  • An example of how our work really makes a difference
  • A project that involved new ways of working and that can show measurable results
  • A colleague who gets involved and strives to work in a solution-focused way
  • A project, team or individual that has won external awards or has a reputation for having made an impact

Panel chaired by: Sean Fielding

Panel: Fabrizio Nevolo, Kat Karamani, Sophie Smith, Livvie Atcheson

We strive to reach the highest standards of scholarship and service.

  • A team or individual who has worked meticulously to raise their standards of service this year
  • Working tirelessly and diligently in the interests of the University
  • A colleague or team for whom “nothing is too much trouble” who deliver outstanding levels of service
  • Demonstrating attention to detail and thoroughness at work and in dealings with colleagues, students or external partners

Panel chaired by: Rachel Burn

Panel: Bryony Loveless, Jane Browning

An award for an individual who has made the best contribution to the University either by making a difference behind the scenes, or inspiring colleagues to do the best they can. The University chooses the winner from 5 shortlisted candidates via a public online vote.

Panel chaired by: Shaun Curtis

Panel: Becca Hanley, Maddy Geen, Charlotte Leach

An award for an individual or team who have shown great creativity and innovation to develop a new way of working.

Panel chaired by: James Hutchinson

Panel: Jackie Bagnall, Becca Hanley, Patrick Frake

This award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an apprentice’s exceptional contributions to their workplace. The apprentice will need to either be currently undertaking an apprenticeship or have completed it within the last 12 months and will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Commitment: demonstrates commitment to your personal development and progression
  • Contribution: shows outstanding contribution to your workplace - in particular, areas or projects where you have exceeded expectations
  • Success: demonstrates inspirational levels of achievement and attainment

Panel chaired by: Andrew Connolly

Panel: Stephen Taylor, Margane Colleau

We are committed to developing an environment which promotes equality of opportunity, values diversity and where students and staff can work and study free from discrimination and harassment. This award recognises an individual or team who have delivered a specific project, initiative or demonstrated inclusivity in their everyday behaviour that significantly contributes to the enhancement of equality, diversity and inclusion at the University.

Panel chaired by: Linda Peka

Panel: Carol Woodhams, Kat Karamani, Harry Bishop, Sarah Downing, Emily Wong


The shortlist has now been announced - find out who is up for each award.


  • Monday 12 March: Nominations are open
  • Tuesday 3 April – Friday 27 April: Shortlisting takes place - see shortlist here.
  • Monday 4 June – Monday 18 June: Online voting for David Allen Hero/Heroine of the Year
  • Friday 22 June: Gala dinner to announce award winners in the Great Hall on the Streatham Campus - see winners here

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