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If you have any queries please contact the Pay & Benefits Team.

t. 0333 400 7431

University car scheme

The University's car scheme offers eligible staff the opportunity to acquire a new energy-efficient car through salary exchange at lower rates than those generally available to members of the public. 

The scheme has two aims:

  • Employees can drive a new car without having to fund the costs of a capital purchase; and
  • Recognising that for many employees there is no practical alternative to commuting by car, it contributes to the University's sustainability travel plan by encouraging staff to drive energy efficient vehicles.

More benefits of the scheme include:

  • The leasing charge includes vehicle excise duty (road fund licence) and all servicing and maintenance costs.
  • To support the University's sustainability agenda, only vehicles with low CO2 emissions can be obtained through the scheme. You will be able to choose from a range of diesel or petrol vehicles up to 120 grams of CO2 per kilometre.
  • Drivers of energy efficient cars also benefit from reduced parking charges on the Exeter campuses.
  • There's no deposit to pay, you will not have to submit to a credit history check and there are no hidden costs.

Under the scheme, the University will lease the car chosen by you from Tusker, a leading vehicle fleet management business:

  • Leases can be for 24, 30, 36 or 48 months.
  • You will commit to meet the University's costs for the lease and insurance by agreeing to a salary exchange reduction in your salary. Therefore you will save on national insurance contributions on the salary you have exchanged. However if you are an employee in the NHS Pension scheme you are exempt from salary exchange NHS Salary Exchange Rules
  • You will also need to pay the additional benefit-in-kind tax charges.
  • Please see the full list of ‌‌Tusker FAQs 2017 for further information.

To find out more or order a vehicle log into the car scheme webpages using your University login details. Select the Tusker icon and click on the blue Get Deal button, then select the blue ‘view now’ button which will take you to the car scheme’s online showroom.

You may be aware of the Government changes that have been made to car salary sacrifice schemes from April 2017. The key results of the Autumn Statement are outlined below.

Car schemes continue

  1. Grandfathering
    All salary sacrifice agreements signed on or before 5 April, even if the car is delivered after that date, will remain under the previous rules. Simply, this means if you ordered a new car with a signed agreement dated before 5 April it will be honoured with the pre-6 April 2017 taxation structure with your agreement protected until 2021.

  2. Ultra-low Emission Cars
    Some cars ordered on the car benefit scheme will continue to receive the full savings and benefit. These are cars with 75g/km of CO2 emission or less, also known as ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles).

  3. Other cars see minimal increases after 5 April 2017
    If you order a car 76g/km and above there will be some additional tax charges.

In 2016 we changed our car scheme provider from ALD to Tusker. Tusker were winners of the 2015 Business Excellence Award for Best Car Scheme UK, Best Car Scheme Provider at the WSB Awards 2015, Innovation Through Technology and Business of the Year at the 2015 Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards, Innovation in Customer Services at the 2015 Fleet World Honors Awards and the Automotive Award at the 2015 and 2014 Green Apple Awards.

If you need help or advice, please give Tusker a call on 0333 400 7431 or email

Case Study Tusker Case Study

The University reserves the right to amend or discontinue the provision of this benefit should the University determine that it is appropriate for it to do so taking into account such matters as it may determine relevant from time to time including changes to UK tax legislation.

Please see the end of contract guide and video that details what is required when returning your vehicle to Tusker.

To apply for the University car scheme please log in to the Eden red benefit platform

The company code is UOE1

*Please note if you are a new employee, you will have access to the EdenRed platform by the 5th of the month following your first payday*