Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond is the University's employee recognition scheme that celebrates the excellent contribution our employees make to the success of the University.

It offers an exciting way to recognise and reward great performance that drives the University Strategy forward. Introduced in 2015, Above and Beyond enables timely and meaningful recognition to occur for work that is significantly above and beyond expectations.

We want like to recognise the hard work, commitment and achievements of all staff, individually and as part of team, through a fair, flexible, responsive and transparent recognition scheme.

We also want to encourage everyone to say thank you more often! Simply saying thanks, or sending a thank you card, as well as more formal appreciation from a manager makes everyone feel more valued.

Above and Beyond shines a spotlight on the University Values (see Our mission, vision and values) and the people who live them, and supports the University Strategy by reinforcing what makes the University a success. It helps create a line-of-sight between an individual’s performance and the performance of the University.

Recognising performance

A simple thank you

A simple well done or thank you has a great impact on motivation and sense of value. We want to encourage all staff to take control, identify what’s good and recognise the contribution each other makes.

Through Above and Beyond, staff are able to send any colleague within the University an eThank-you card in appreciation of the contribution they have made that has gone above and beyond what was expected of them. The eThank you cards enable staff to describe how an individual or team has made the difference.

Colleague-to-colleague recognition gives the opportunity to recognise day-to-day events or actions that line managers may not see.

Research has shown that recognition from co-workers is usually highly valued because colleagues understand what they do on a day-to-day basis.

A simple thank you with reward

Individual or team contribution that has gone above and beyond can also be recognised by a financial award. Managers (who are Above and Beyond Budget Holders) can formally nominate individuals or teams, or upgrade a colleague-to-colleague’s eThank-you to a monetary award at any time of the year.

Awards will be personal and meaningful, with a wide range of awards available to suit different types of recognition and preferences.

Staff will be able to choose from high street vouchers, reloadable store cards, eCodes, merchandise, experiences, leisure, small gifts and team rewards.

If you receive a Bronze award, this will be in the form of points that you can redeem on the Above and Beyond portal – the employee receiving the award will NOT pay tax or National Insurance on these awards. The University has agreed to pay the tax and National Insurance liability on these awards on behalf of the employee, meaning that the recipient will also be able to enjoy the full value of the award.

If you receive a Silver or Gold cash award then this will be paid as part of your monthly pay and it WILL be subject to tax and National Insurance.

Quick Start Guide

Please click here to access the general Quick Start Guide.

Guide on using e-codes has also been produced.

Frequently asked questions

For further information about the scheme please take a look at our frequently asked questions