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Annual Leave

You are advised to take as much outstanding leave as possible before the start of your leave, however you should discuss your leave arrangements with your line manager and clarify and record the agreement made with them.

As a minimum, you are required to take the annual leave you have accrued up to the date you commence your leave (with the exception of paternity/partner leave due to its length), eg if you wish to commence your leave on 1 February, you should have taken 1/12th of your leave entitlement. However, your manager may agree to allow you to take more than the period accrued up to the start of your leave.

Additional Carry forward leave for maternity leave beginning in early 2021

Staff members who are taking maternity leave in the early months of 2021 and into 2022 are encouraged to take as much leave as possible from the carry forward leave before or directly after their maternity leave.

Leave which they have carried forward from 2020 that that they have not been able to take in 2021 can be carried forward to 2022, but it must be taken in its entirety in 2022. Normal carry forward leave will resume for these staff in 2022/2023.